November 21, 2018

IDM Optimizer 2019 Latest Version Free Download

IDM Optimizer 2019 Latest Version Software Free Download is now available for Internet Download Manager. It is the latest version and supports offline and online installer!

IDM Optimizer 2019 Software Overview

This piece of software really speeds up downloads for you, how? It breaks enormous chunks of data or files that you want to get over the web. This utility helps in tweaking the program so you get better internet speeds and it increases it by a significant number. 

Download IDM Optimizer 2017 Free
Credits: IDM Optimizer 2019

The software which is IDM Optimizer 2019 does this by tweaking the default network settings in IDM. This allows the app to get faster speeds over your internet connection. It is quick and simple to use it does not require you to have any kind of technical programming or computer knowledge. It guarantees 100% faster speeds once it has been successful on your PC. Supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you are one of those people that worry if this tweak would break something then be worry-free because there is an option that restores everything how it was before if you are not satisfied with the changes, but hopefully you will be.

Features of IDM Optimizer 2019

IDM Optimizer comes with a ton of other useful features that help you increasing internet speed and much more. It comes with backward compatibility as well as supporting IDM 2015, IDM 2016 and other available downloaders like YTD for YouTube. It has built-in security firewalls and checking systems that continuously correct any files that enter your computer from the internet, so they are safe from viruses or harmful malware. It also enhances the system proxies, so they access the internet faster and over less flooded channels to give you a better experience while exchanging files over the World Wide Web. Below is a full list of features it provides you with:
  1. An easy to use interface and entirely robust design.
  2. Works across x86 and x64 platforms.
  3. Boosts internet speed by 3x.
  4. Latest updates and options have been added that fixed personal issues such as disconnecting.
  5. Uses safer SOCK4 proxies and protocols.
  6. Regular updates keep it fresh and running bringing new features to the table.
Trust me, it makes your life so much more comfortable and saves you so much time because the wait is over! Everything seems so much faster and smooth because it enhances the internet connection settings.

Internet Download Manager Optimizer 2017 Features

IDM Optimizer 2019 Free Download (Latest Update)

  • Author: IDM.
  • Series: Trial.
  • Version: Latest.
  • Price: Not required.
  • Update: New patches and full versions are included.
Download IDM Optimizer 2017 Free


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