February 18, 2020

Candy Crush Saga PC Game Free Download (2020)

Candy Crush Saga PC Game Free Download (2020)

Candy Crush Saga PC Game Free Download

Candy Crush Saga PC Game has now been released as free download for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Candy Crush Saga has been fully developed and published by King for Windows. Candy Crush Game for PC is supported on many platforms from iOS to Android but it's mostly played on PC. The game is totally based on match three puzzle systems and is a very exciting game to play because of the attractive missions and 15 levels that it has. Candy Crush Saga now supports another great improvement from Dreamworld which is an expansion to bring in more features and HD graphics to the game. Candy Crush is very popular and works on Facebook as well.

This Puzzle Game was basically developed originally for Windows PC, but after that it became so popular that the demand was getting high on other platforms as well. Candy Crush Saga has episodes which need to be completed so you can move on to the next episode and level. It has now updated features such as more than 900 levels added for the users to play. A lot of other new game mechanics have been added when the game came out in 2012. The user interface is simple; Candy Crush Saga PC Game consists of a Single player mode only just like in Subway Surfers. The game can be played using keyboard and mouse devices.

Candy Crush Saga PC Gameplay:

It is based a lot on candies and the objects which are in Candy Crush game are covered with candies, you have to build some block structures and select pairs of the same candies. The levels in the game have hard to easy and each of them need to be completed in a time limit. All types of candy are available in the game so you can choose from jelly to chocolate and play using it. It can be viewed from many angles and also has a race mode like Midnight Club 3. There are combinations which have to be figured out in the game so you can unlock the level and move onto to the next one. The user has only 1 life in the game.
Candy Crush Saga Free Download PC Game

As shown in the above image a player can do quests instead of sending request to his friends to help him succeed onto to the next round. There are purchases as well within the game you can buy more keys to unlock the secrets of the candy combinations. Candy Crush Saga is also supported on iPhone iOS and iPad. It does not require any other kind of high end Computer to install the setup and start it. Have Fun Pals :)

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System Hardware Requirements:

Processor Speed needs to be 1.0 GHz
Intel and AMD supported PCs
RAM memory should be 512 MB minimum
VGA card memory needs to be 128 MB from Nvidia or ATi
File Size depends on the Operating System

Candy Crush Saga Game Download Details:

It is licensed as a Freeware
Developed at King Games
Also supported on Win 9 and Win 10
DVD and CD drive will be required
Candy Crush Saga PC Game Download


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