May 03, 2016

Deep Freeze Standard Edition 2016 Free Download

Deep Freeze Standard Edition 2016 is ready as free to download in latest and full version for Windows. Helps computer administrators and technicians to secure and make sure the operating system is safe and does not get corrupted. Be it a server, workstation, laptop, desktop or tablet it will isolate the configuration files so that they cannot be altered or deleted in anyway.

It makes a backup of the OS and every time the user restarts the PC it restores it back to its original state meaning that no files will be harmed or are affected of any accidental file deletion or wrong configuration that might have been applied to the settings. It is developed and maintained by a company called 'Faronics'. It works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as well.

Deep Freeze Standard Edition 2016 Free Download

Deep Freeze Standard Edition 2016 Features

This software protects the operating from the very root of its files including the kernel and the hard drive. Once it is setup it does not allow any unauthorized files or settings to be accepted by the OS and keeps the original data in place. It deletes it once your computer or PC restarts. Deep Freeze also comes in different variants such as Standard and Enterprise. A user can do anything to for example delete core files of applications or even mess around with the configurations but if this program is installed and activated upon reboot it should all be back to normal. It alone sits on a cloud based platform where the files are hidden from basic level admins.

Download Deep Freeze Software 2016 Full Version

If a system admin needs to make any kind of change to the main operating system of many computers that are attached on a network than Deep Freeze needs to be paused. After doing the changes the administrator will need to re-enable it. It just not freezes the system files but also protects you from viruses and malware, isn't that cool? It works similarly as other antivirus products work including Kaspersky and Malwarebytes Premium

It deletes file that the program thinks are dodgy or is trying to access sensitive data that if edited could change the system process of the computer. It comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions and some also in an offline installer. Below are the advantages and disadvantages:
  1. Over 75% of colleges, offices and universities use this software.
  2. Can secure storage devices of up to 2000 GB (2 TB).
  3. Can be activated on external devices including USB storage or network attached storage.
  4. Formats everything that is installed in the installation drive.
  5. Temporary virtual changes can be made to the system.
  6. Also used by bug enterprises as they have lots of systems running.

Download Deep Freeze Standard Edition 2016 Free

Get Deep Freeze Software 2016 Free. It is now available to be downloaded in offline installer that will be compatible with x86 and x64 Windows.
  • License: Trial / Demo.
  • Version is the latest includes Enterprise and Standard editions.
  • Developer: Faronics.
Downloading Deep Freeze Standard Edition 2016 Free


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