February 28, 2015

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 Free Download

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 Free Download

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 is used to develop software, applications and mobile Apps. Visual Studio Professional 2013 is supported on all Microsoft based systems running Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8. This specific integrated development environment runs on both 32 and 64 bit systems (IDE) which are from Microsoft. It is also able to build website, web services and web applications. It can code native and managed code at the same time of the development process. The types of sites it can create are forums, magazine templates, online stores and many more.

Microsoft Visual Studio holds a built in code editor feature which can modify open-source software and apps to a given users need. The 2013 version now supports IntelliSense which is the main code completion component based inside it along with code re-factoring. Code debugger has now made it easier than ever to fix bugs and errors in any App because it automatically scans and fixes the damaged code from source-level debugger to the next machine-level debugger. GUI based graphical user interface applications; web designs and database schema all are possible with simple options available in Microsoft's new Visual Studio Professional.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 Features:

  • Writing code is more fun than ever
  • Debugging is made easy and faster
  • Accessibility and flexibility options have improved
  • C++, C#, HTML, PHP, Visual Basic and C are added
  • XHTML, JavaScript and CSS support
  • All new windows forum designer
  • Mapping designer has been introduced
  • User friendly interface with shortcut keys
  • College and University students can get it for free

Visual Studio Professional 2013 Overview:

When it comes to programming languages there is no such other great software to do the job but one is available and it's Adobe Photoshop which holds Dreamweaver popularly known to design websites with asking no extra knowledge in web developing. It is out in multiple languages from English, Chinese and 10 more. Visual Studio does not have the ability to understand and read any programming language out of the box there are many plugins if they are coded in Package form otherwise it will show a syntax error.

Safe and Secure Coding with Visual Studio:

All the code you write it is continuously being checked by the Microsoft security and vulnerability scanner to prevent any major problems when the software goes online. The server on which the app will be hosted first is scanned and verified using various methods to make sure that there will be no more debugging or testing needed. The static analysis allows you to get the developer a closer look to the stability level.

Recommended Coding Applications:

License: Trial
Developer: Microsoft
Version: 2013
Price: Depends on Seller
Free Download Visual Studio Professional 2013 Full Version


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