February 21, 2015

321 Classic Media Player Free Download

321 Classic Media Player Free Download

321 Classic Media Player is a multimedia K-Lite Codec Pack software used to run videos and audio files with multiple supports like MP3, MP4, 3GP, HD and works on both 32 and 64-bit systems. It is out as free download and works on cross platforms like Windows XP, Vista and 7. Smartphone and Android versions have not yet been confirmed but will be added later on in the future. It is fully compatible with TV Tuners and other decoders. It is rich with features and is easy to use because of the graphical user interface which is easy and helps the users in navigation within the application.

With the all new Flash Video integration into its source code and making it better for home cinema use. 321 Classic Media Player has Play, Stop, Forward and fast button as default which is displayed on the front as you open the player. It has options which allows a human to quickly select a song or movie and play it by only telling it the directory and where it is located. 321 media player automatically sets itself as a default player of the computer which is also founded in VLC Player. It has all the high definition playback pros such as 720 and 1080p. 

321 Classic Media Player Features:

When it comes to streaming software's like 321 are the best and its alternative is KMPlayer. Extended and more flexibility was added with FLV, AVI, OGG, WAV, MPEG and MPG.
  • Faster Video Loading
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Stop with keyboard
  • Macros and Keyboard shortcuts
  • Available in more than 6 languages
  • Lite and comes with Quick Time
  • Blu-Ray and DVD Support
  • Full Screen Displaying function
  • Customize able settings menu
The above list holds all the great features this application provides along with 24/7 customer support services. An updated build of the same App was released called the Black Edition same only the visual design and interface was changed to look more beautiful and standard.

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Software Details:

Version: 1.7.8
Type: Free
Size: 16.3 MB
Developer: Codec-Guide
Free Download 321 Classic Media Player


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