January 02, 2015

TeamSpeak 3 Latest Free Download

TeamSpeak 3 Latest Free Download
TeamSpeak 3 client is software used for communication with friends and team in the game. It is free supported by PC, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and XP. It is really popular in the world of players thus it does not use that much internet connection power to connect and the number of settings it has is huge. It supports many latest computers and has no big system hardware needs as it is lite, fast and secures way of talking with your soldiers in action. The voice quality is said to be clearer than any other applications. High quality 3D sound Effects and the security and protection of your data is more protected than ever, the voice travels from one microphone to another using latency which is ping.

Your own channel can be created but for that there are some steps and requirements you have a room can only be launched in Linux, you have to get a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated machine (VDS). There are some files which can be easily founded from the developer's site. A temporary chat can be established but it is volatile once you exit teamspeak it will be deleted. There are several admin posts which can be given to a specific user such as admin, senior admin, or master. Each of them has different and unique powers. New support was recently added for smartphones like Android, iOS and MAC.

Voice Recognition is a growing step in the world of information technology and is being implemented in many new inventions. In TS3 it helps a user login via only using his original voice this is also an advanced security feature no one except the admin can use the privileges. Files and folders can be sent to each other in a simple way but the speed in which it will reach the end user depends on the upload speed of the internet connection. You can silent your voice whenever you want during your speak with a custom hot key you can select it when you are setting up the application up for the first time. Every user connected has a country flag near his name.

The graphical user interface is very basic and can be edited in your style and way different colors to the skin can be added so you can download many styles as per tab. You can add people you know and make a list of them. There are many public servers where you can enter and talk to someone. Auto updating feature has been added so whenever an update is rolled out it will automatically download and install on it. There are custom plugins like Client Query and App scanners. There is a help and support forum where any kind of bug or error can be reported to the developers. This is the latest releases till now.
Free Download Teamspeak 3

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TS3 Details:

Developer: Team Speak Systems GmbH
License: Freeware
Type: Free to use 
Version: 3.0.16
TeamSpeak 3 Client Download


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