January 15, 2015

CCleaner Software Free Download

CCleaner Software Free Download
CCleaner is the favorite application software of a computer which helps it to increase the speed of a daily normal PC. It is supported on multiple platforms like Windows XP Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista. The great part about this app is that literally it will give a boost and make your old tired and lazy system rock the party up again and saves you a lot of money which you spend in your CPU and Ram to increase their memory but even after that you will not see any big difference and all this cause is about the extra junk files which are placed into your hard disk. This software cleans the unnecessary cache and all the history data from the browser to make the processes really lite.

The other good advantage is that you get to save a lot of computing power which can be used to boost and do different tasks like watching videos, doing office work, playing games and listening to songs. While keeping all of this valuable information in the mind the registry settings are cleaned and it does that by scanning all the registry files and removing the rarely used ones just like the one in Teamspeak client. Unless this is easier and does not eat much memory, it supports both 32 and 64 bit environments of OS. Most of the tasks are done automatically once a scan is running it will look for errors which are slowing it down and fix them up all. This was developed and released back in 2003 by Piriform which is a professional company.

Fast PC Optimization:

With on the go support for your personal computer it will do and maintain it even if you are not on the system itself some checkups are scheduled by the program itself which is a popular new feature still in testing in ccleaner. 

Disk Analyzer:

This works as a defraggler which splits all the files of which are stored and put them into a whole group and assigns them with special names so after when it's needed to be found the directory can be accessed quickly and easily.

Quicker Boot times and Startup:

When it removes programs and the entire extra load off the processor it gives it more time to think and process the other commands which are all ways in a kind of standing in the line and waiting for the answer to come, because of this startup times have been improved as well.

Less errors and reduced crashing:

The main reason why most of the times a computer crashes or stops responding and the main fault on that the registry values become unstable and force to show the stop processing box. It is the best known for this kind of solutions.

The Registry Cleaner:

This removes any unwanted files in software's and web browsers like Firefox / Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Only deleted history, log files, clipboard, Cookies and some forum auto saved data which is not useful.

Real time Monitoring:

This is a unique option but what it does that all the time whenever your computer is slow and not acting normal it starts checking for what is causing the problem and will try to maintain it as fast as it can to recover.

Application Details:

Version: latest as of 2015
Developer: Piriform
License: Freeware
Size: N/A
Platform: Windows, Mac, Android and Linux
Ccleaner Free Download Full Version


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