April 20, 2015

WhatsApp For Windows PC Free Download

WhatsApp For Windows PC Free Download

WhatsApp for Windows PC free download is a messenger commonly used for messaging and texting by people around the world. WhatsApp for Windows PC is supported on Win 7, Win 8 and Windows 8.1. WhatsApp is easy to use and works on all PCs from Laptops to Servers and Desktops. WhatsApp for Windows has totally changed and now comes with a new interface and many other features such as calling and sending files including to your contacts using the internet and your computer. It is like instant messaging software developed now for Windows.

WhatsApp can be used easily just like the ViberFacebook and Yahoo Messenger applications but it is more than just a messenger for windows OS. WhatsApp has been also available around for Android but after the high usage in the mobile platforms it came over to windows as well. WhatsApp send your message/text in milliseconds to your contact no matter in which part of the world he is located. Also a recently introduced feature in it allows you to send and receive photos, videos and other files with your contacts. A user can also create a group and add people in it. 
WhatsApp is lite and comes in both 32(x86) and 64 bit setup along with EXE and MSI installers especially for Windows. WhatsApp has users from all over the globe and most of them are from U.K, USA, India and Europe. Users can build their own profile and add a photo with their name so others can recognize them easily. There are some requirements to run this such as an Intel CPU, 256 MB RAM and a normal DirectX capable VGA card so it can process the images and videos sent by others to you.

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Licensed as a Freeware program
Works on all Windows Platforms
Developed by the WhatsApp Inc team
Free Download WhatsApp For Windows PC


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